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San Vicente neighbourhood

Seville San Vicente MapLocated in the north-west of Seville's historic centre, San Vicente is bordered by the Guadalquivir River to the west and Alameda de Hércules to the east and is home to some of Seville's best known churches and convents. Around the charming, orange tree-lined Plaza de San Lorenzo are the churches of San Lorenzo and the Basilica del Gran Poder - where you will find the moving and much revered image of Christ carrying the cross, known as Cristo del Gran Poder.

The monastery of San Clemente is said to be the oldest in Seville. It was founded in 1248 by Ferdinand III and is the final resting place of several members of royal families, including Maria of Portugal - the mother of Pedro the Cruel, who built the Alcázar. Convents in the neighbourhood include Santa Clara and Santa Rosalía.



  • Churches and Convents
  • Plaza de San Lorenzo
  • Torre de Don Fadrique - defensive tower in the Convent of Santa Clara
  • Camera Obscura in the Torre de los Perdigones
  • Local bars and restaurants


Restaurants and Tapas Bars

Al Aljibe
There is no shortage of places to eat in the Alameda, but this is one of the best. Lots of seasonal fresh food, and the little patio is perfect on a summer evening.
Address: Alameda de Hércules, 76
Phone: +34 954 900 591

Barajas 20
Casual friendly atmosphere, and a small but high quality tapas menu and wine-list.
Address: Conde de Barajas, 20
Phone: +34 696 340 323

Bodega San Lorenzo
Just up the street from the Plaza San Lorenzo, this typical little neighbourhood bar does some very nice tapas in a cosy atmosphere.
Address: Juan Rabadán 5
Phone: +34 954 384 757

One of the best tapas bars in Seville, with wonderful tapas at sensible prices and friendly service. It's quite small and very popular, so get there early for a place at the bar. Equally good restaurant (you'll need to reserve a table) next door.
Address: Eslava, 3
Phone: +34 954 906 568

La Azotea
Be there or be square! Not the cheapest tapas in town, but arguably some of the very best, and well worth that bit extra. Innovative menu, and very popular, so get there right at opening time, or you may miss out.
Address: Jesús del Gran Poder, 31
Phone: +34 955 116 748


Bars and Nightlife

The area is known mostly for its local bars and restaurants. On Calle Eslava 3 you'll find one of the most renowned restaurants in Seville, Bar Eslava.
Sala Malandar, on calle Torneo, is a venue hosting a wide variety of live music and DJs. For further late-night action, the Alameda de Hércules in neighbouring Macarena is worth a visit.

Sala Malandar
Modern Musicbar offers good alternative and independent music with various artists and pub atmosphere to promise an enjoyable evening. Good selection of drinks to reasonable prices.
Address: Torneo, 42

Baron Rojo
Bar with outside terrace in summer.
Address: Alameda de Hércules 

Big disco with several dancing floors on three levels, each offering another type of music like Spanish Popmusic, Reggaeton, House and Mainstream. Age: 18+ 
Address: Plaza de la Legión, 0



Supermercado Mercadona

Large supermarket in the basement of the shopping centre at Plaza de Armas. Easy to recognize as this was the former Estación de Córdoba train station.
Address: Plaza de Armas s/n

Supermercado Supersol
Address: Marqués de la Mina, 8


Apartment rentals

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