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Neighbourhoods of Granada

The simplified map on the upper right shows the historic centre of Granada divided into 5 neighbourhoods. Imagine a circle roughly divided into 5 sections and a centre:

On the left side of the circle is El Centro, the location of Granada's Cathedral and main shopping district, including the former souk of the city - the Alcaicería. Granada's main food market is also in the Centro, near Gran Via.

At top centre is the medieval Albaicín, - the picturesque old moorish quarter - characterised by it's steep winding streets and lovely views towards the Alhambra, such as from the famous Mirador de San Nicolás.

Beyond the Albaicín, on the top right, is the Sacromonte neighbourhood famous for its Casas Cueva - or "Cave Houses" carved into the rock of the hillside. While many of the Caves are still private dwellings, there are many which are open to the public and host Zambras - or Flamenco Shows.

On the hill opposite is the Alhambra crowned by the famous Palace and Generalife Gardens.

In the centre of the circle is Plaza Nueva, the heart of the historic centre of Granada. A wide open space with terrace bars, it is the starting point for the walk up to the Alhambra.

In veoapartment.com you can search for a holiday apartment by neighbourhood by clicking on one of the links in "Apartments by area".

All of our apartments are located in the historic centre of Granada and are within walking distance of the important monuments. As the centre of Granada is comparatively small, the choice of neighbourhood is more a question of personal preference as to the kind of surroundings you'd like to enjoy during your stay. Our cave-houses in Sacromonte are rather further from the historic centre, but still only 1.5km from Plaza Nueva.

Vacation rentals in Granada

At veoapartment.com we have a small but select choice of furnished apartments located within the historic Albaicín, the old heart of Moorish Granada. We take pride in the quality of our holiday accommodation and personally review each and every one, taking photographs, videos and detailed floor-plans.

To find an apartment, you can search using the blue box on the top right of every page, or browse through our complete apartment listing. For a personalised recommendation, you can also fill in an apartment request form detailing your specific needs.

The indicated prices are per apartment and day and are all inclusive - there are NO extra fees or hidden supplements.

We recommend apartments in Granada for travellers seeking maximum independence and privacy. For further information, please check our frequently asked questions or you can contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you to Granada!