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Historic centre of Malaga

Malaga is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe, occupied over its long history by Phoenicians, Romans, Moors and Christians, and the legacy of this past can be found in the monuments and the mix of architectual styles of the old city. Malaga is also a port city and still has that dynamism and cosmopolitan feel that comes from the mixing of cultures.

The Historical Centre is the heart of Malaga, around the area that once was inside the perimeter of the Nasrid defensive walls. Today the new city centre is to the west, on the other side of the Guadalmina River, and the Malagueta beach district is to the east.

Malaga’s monuments and museums are mostly in the historic centre, including the Alcazaba, the Cathedral and the Roman Theatre, and in front of the old town are the Alameda, Parque Malaga and the harbour, including the Muelle Uno leisure and shopping centre.

To see the city laid out beneath you, go up to the Gibralfaro Castle (take a 35 bus from the Alameda to get up there, then walk back down the path to the Alcazaba), and have a drink on the terrace of the Parador Hotel. One of Malaga's great views.

All of our apartments are located in the historic centre of Malaga and are within easy walking distance of the monuments, museums and shopping areas.

Vacation rentals in Malaga

At veoapartment.com we rent fully furnished apartments located in the historic centre of Malaga. We take pride in the quality of our holiday accommodation and personally review each and every one, taking photographs, videos and detailed floor-plans.

To find an apartment, you can search using the blue box on the top right of every page, or browse through our complete apartment listing. For a personalised recommendation, you can also fill in an apartment request form detailing your specific needs.

The indicated prices are per apartment and day and are all inclusive - there are NO extra fees or hidden supplements.

We recommend apartments in Malaga for travellers seeking maximum independence and privacy. For further information, please check our frequently asked questions or you can contact us.

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