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As Flamenco is such an important part of the cultural heritage of Southern Spain, you are probably considering going to see a Flamenco performance during your stay in Seville.

Many visitors ask us "Where can I see authentic Flamenco, at a place where the locals go?" But the thing to remember is that most of the Flamenco shows here are organised for tourists. There are a few exceptions, such as special concert performances by top artists or during the Bienal de Flamenco festival. There are also very small venues which are more like private clubs, called "peñas" in Spanish, which often don't welcome "outsiders".

However, we do recommend visiting one of the many "tablaos" in Seville which, although staged for tourists, showcase some very talented artists and are worth seeing. The first three in the list below are smaller venues, usually featuring three artists: a guitarist, a singer and a dancer, and are considered to be the best in town. These smaller tablaos do not offer food, but you can enjoy a very good hour-long show at a reasonable price. Have a look at our video for a taste of what you can expect to see...


1. Flamenco shows in a "Tablao"

The word "tablao" originally refers to the stage, which is made out of wood panels, or "tablados". It has a special design to amplify the sound of the dancer's footwork...
If you want to make a reservation for a Flamenco show over the internet, go to FlamencoTickets.com. They are based in Seville, and know the local Flamenco scene very well.

Milagritos - Tapas bar

Located just next to the Giralda tower in Alemanes street. This isn't actually a tablao, but a tapas bar that offers good quality Flamenco shows every evening. The cover charge is 15 euros, which includes 3 tapas. It's a very intimate setting, we actually thought at times that the dancer would bump into our table, which adds to an authentic experience. Highly recommended by the veoapartment staff!

Address: C/ Alemanes, 27
Price: €15 Euros includes 3 tapas
Phone: +34 954 04 23 91
Reviews: Tripadvisor

La Casa de la Memoria

Located in El Centro, La Casa de la Memoria offers traditional flamenco performances in the patio of an 18th century palace, with some of the best artists in Seville. Because of the limited space, we recommended that you book your place before the show. There are performances everyday at 9.00 pm and also at 10.30 pm depending on the period of the year.

Address: C/ Cuna, 6
Price: Normal: €15, Students and resident: €13, Children 6-10 years: €9
Phone: +34 954 56 06 70
Official web: Casa de la Memoria
Reviews: Tripadvisor

Museo del Baile Flamenco

Located in Santa Cruz, the flamenco dance museum offers shows with the best dancers of the flamenco world. Young talents and established artists who have all been selected by Cristina Hoyos give daily performances at 7.30 pm. It is recomended to book in advance.

Address: C/ Manuel Rojas Marcos, 3
Price: €25
Phone: +34 954 34 03 11
Official web: Museo del Baile Flamenco
Reviews: Tripadvisor

Auditorio Alvarez Quintero

One of the new additions to the Flamenco scene in Seville, Auditorio Alvarez Quintero became established as a landmark for Flamenco shows, at a reasonable price.

Address: C/ Alvarez Quintero, 48
Phone: 954 29 39 49
Official web: Auditorio Álvarez Quintero
Reviews: Tripadvisor

Los Gallos

Located in Santa Cruz, Los Gallos is one of the oldest Tablaos in Sevilla. The show lasts 2 hours and about 12 artists perform twice a day at 8 pm and at 10.30 pm. This is a well-known tourist venue where the artists offer a high-quality performance. It is recomended to book in advance.

Address: Plaza Santa Cruz, 11
Price: Adults: €35, Students: €32 (up to 26 and with international card), Children - up to 8 years: €20 (They must be seated on the first floor).
Phone: +34 954 21 69 81
Official web: Los Gallos
Reviews: Tripadvisor

El Arenal

El Arenal Flamenco Tablao is located in the traditional district of El Arenal, between La Maestranza theatre and the Bullring, near the Torre del Oro. The establishment was founded in 1975 by its owner, the famous “bailaor” Curro Vélez. The tablao offers both the most delicious Andalusian cuisine and an authentic flamenco show with 17 artists on stage. There are 2 shows a night, the first at 8 pm with dinner served at 7 pm, the second one at 10 pm. It is recommended to book in advance.

Address: C/ Rodo, 7
Price: €36 including a drink, €57 including tapas, €70 with diner
Phone: +34 954 34 03 11
Official web: Tablao El Arenal
Reviews: Tripadvisor



2. Flamenco schools

Some of our apartment guests visit Seville on a regular basis because Flamenco dancing is their hobby, passion, or even profession in their home country. For the less experienced, remember that the level of knowledge in Seville is very (!) high, so even if a course is advertised as being for "beginners" you will usually be expected to have some experience already. For "real beginners", we can recommend the last school in the list, Taller Flamenco, which is organized more like a language school, and offers additional "social" activities to complement the dance classes.

Fundacion Cristina Heeren

The flamenco Art School of the Cristina Heeren foundation is a private non profit foundation, created in 1993 by Cristina Heeren, an American citizen, hispanist, maecenas and a lover of flamenco. The aims of the Cristina Heeren Foundation are the promotion, teaching and conservation of Flamenco. This school offers a complete training program for dancers, singers and guitar players in 9 months (October to June) and for 3 levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. The foundation also offers intensive summer courses in July. The academic programme includes theoretical and practical subjects which are organised in different daily sessions, each lasting one hour and a half. Guitar, singing and basic dance classes are held at the headquarter of the foundation in Avenida de Jerez. Intermediate and advanced dance classes are held in the studio at Calle Alberche. From the flamenco Art School of the Cristina Heeren foundation come the very best current artists of flamenco.

Address: Avenida de Jerez, 2
Phone: +34 954 21 70 58
Official web: Fundación Cristina Heeren

Andrés Marín - Flamenco Abierto

Andres Marin Flamenco Abierto is an academy specializing in teaching flamenco dance. You can choose between annual courses (by hour, weeks, months) and intensive programs (from 1, 3, 6 or 9 months to 3 years). This school provides parallel activities which complement the dance training, such as singing classes.

Address: C/ Divina Pastora, 14
Phone: +34 954 38 80 32
Official web: Andrés Marín - Flamenco Abierto

Ados - Angel Atienza

Located in Triana, the Ados Ángel Atienza School was founded with the specific aim of teaching flamenco from a professional perspective gained though many years of artistic experience.
Apart from his own personal commitment to teaching, and based on the need of a solid grounding for the beginner and the importance of daily practice to enrich the knowledge for those with experience, believing in the importance of variety in teaching, Ángel Atienza also invites well-renowned teachers to the school.

Address: C/ Salado, 11
Phone: +34 954 08 36 89
Official web: ADOS Centro de Flamenco

Taller Flamenco

Taller Flamenco is a learning centre for Flamenco and Spanish Language that was founded in Seville in 1994. It is the ideal place to meet people who are starting to discover flamenco and the city of Seville. Taller Flamenco provides a very good teaching level and adapts its programme to your wishes. The classes are limited in size. Ideal school for beginners.

Address: C/ Peral, 49
Phone: +34 954 56 42 34
Official web: Taller Flamenco
Reviews: Tripadvisor


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