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El Arenal neighbourhood

Seville Arenal MapEl Arenal is one of the most traditional and vibrant neighbourhoods of Seville. It is located between Seville's famous landmark monuments - the Cathedral and Royal Alcázar Palace - and the palm-lined eastern shore of the Guadalquivir River.
During the middle ages, El Arenal was an important port with ships arriving from America and the Indies. Today it is still a place of great activity in Seville, but in a cultural rather than commercial sense - particularly in the worlds of Bullfighting, Theatre and Classical Music.
It is a great neighbourhood for absorbing the local atmosphere - very popular among residents. With family run taverns, tapas bars and traditional restaurants abound. We recommend you to check below our list of restaurants in El Arenal.


Touristical Highlights

  • Naval Museum Torre del Oro (Tower of Gold)
  • Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza - Seville's Bulllring and Bullfighting Museum
  • Guadalquivir River
  • Hospital de la Caridad, the Chapel is a stunning example of Sevilla’s brilliant Baroque period
  • Teatro de la Maestranza - concerts include Opera, Classical Music and Flamenco


Restaurants and Tapas Bars

Bodeguita Romero
A popular family run bar (third generation), specialising in a "home-cooking" style. Try the pringá and marinated potatoes - absolutely the best in town.
Address: Harinas, 10
Phone: +34 954 229 556

Casa Morales
Very long-established and traditional tapas bar barely a stone's throw from the cathedral. Go in the back bar for ham and cheese starters and the house manzanilla sherry.
Address: García de Vinuesa, 11
Phone: +34 954 221 242

Casa Moreno
A traditional abacería, with a shop and a tiny bar full of locals in the back. Don't be intimidated – it's a really friendly place with a great selection of "starters".
Address: Gamazo, 7
Phone: +34 954 228 315

Enrique Becerra
Another long established family run tapas bar with a restaurant upstairs. Slightly upmarket, but not in the least stuffy, with lots of top quality food.
Address: Gamazo, 2
Phone: +34 954 213 049

La Brunilda
An excellent new tapas bar that is surely destined to become one of the top go-to places in Seville. Get there first and enjoy traditional tapas with innovative twists, but without the prices and pretension of some of the new "gastrobars".
Address: Galera, 5
Phone: +34 954 220 481


Bars and Nightlife

As well as the eateries in the neighbourhood, it is a favourite after-hours spot for a drink. The bars around calle Arfe and surrounding streets are popular with professional young (and not so young!) Sevillians. Many are packed, with the dressed-up clientele spilling out onto the streets.


Coffee in the afternoon and cocktail bar at night. Age: 30+.
Address: Zaragoza, 33

Disco. On two levels. Age: 30+.
Address: Marquez de Paradas, 30

Disco. Music of the 90ies.
Address: Trastamara, 29

Food early afternoon. Cocktail bar at night.
Address: Marquez de Paradas, s/n

Disco. Starts early from 6pm. Also live music on Thu and Sun. Age: 30+.
Address: Federico Sánchez Bedoya, 20



Mercado El Arenal
One of the municipal food markets in Seville. Opens only in the morning, until approx. 1pm, Mon-Sat.
Address: Pastor y Landero, s/n



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