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Tapas | A taste of Spanish life

The culture of going out for tapas is a central part of life in Spain. But what exactly is a tapa? It is typically a snack or small portion of food to go with a drink. Typical tapas include cold dishes such as cured meats like serrano ham or chorizo, manchego cheese or ensaladilla rusa (mixed cooked vegetables, tuna and mayonnaise). Classic hot dishes include fried fish , seafood, solomillo (pork loin) and croquetas. The list is wide and varies from region to region.

People get together to go out for tapas or "ir de tapas", instead of going out for a sit-down meal and various rounds are ordered to share. Usually tapas are eaten standing up - though you may get lucky at peak times and get a table.

The origins are uncertain: some say it was Alfonso X while recovering from an illness who would accompany a glass of wine with a small dish of food, but most likely they originated in Andalusian taverns, where sherry drinkers were given a slice of bread or meat which served as a cover or "tapa" for their drink to prevent fruit flies falling in!

But whatever the origins, it's a very enjoyable tradition and Granada has it's own unique take. In the video we find out what it is...


Some recommendations

Los Diamantes
Calle Navas 28, San Matías 
Famous for fried fish, aubergines and if you're feeling brave - brains.

Al Sur de Granada
Calle Elvira 150, Albaicín Bajo
As featured in our video - bar and deli specialising exclusively in local and organic food and wine from Andalucía in general and the province of Granada in particular.

Bodegas Castañeda
Calle Almireceros 1, Plaza Nueva
A traditional tapas bar and well-known Granada classic. Famous for its wines, and in particular for vermouth.

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