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Plaza Nueva

Granada Plaza Nueva neighbourhoodPlaza Nueva lies at the meeting point of the Albaicín, Realejo and Centro neighbourhoods, making it the very heart of the old city of Granada.

Built in the 16th Century to cover over the River Darro, it was so named (New Square) as it was the first to be built by Christians in the city. It became politically important as the site of the Royal Chancellery, built as the seat of government of the newly conquered territories - the Kingdom of Granada and the Canary Islands; and was also given the role of Audiencia Real - or High Court- by Queen Isabella, for the domain south of the Tajo River. As a large open space, it soon became a popular centre of life in the city, with tournaments, bull fights and also public executions.

Today, the Chancellery still has a legal presence in the city as the Court House, and the square is as popular as ever - there are bars lining the southern side, and the location at the foot of the hills leading up respectively to the Alhambra and Albaicín make for the perfect spot to take a break.



  • The heart of the old city - only 5 minutes from the Cathedral and 20 from the Alhambra
  • The Courthouse - once the Royal Chancellery, built in the 16th century
  • Terrace bars and restaurants


Apartments in Plaza Nueva

Set right on Plaza Nueva in a newly refurbished building are the Granada Studios - a set of four modern studio apartments each suitable for 2 guests. All are decorated in a clean contemporary style, and the building includes an elevator. Prices start from 70 euros per night. All apartments are bright and have views overlooking the square, with the apartments on the upper floors also enjoying views of the Albaicín and the Alcazaba of the Alhambra.

Right the top, and the star apartment of the building, is the split-level Duplex Terrace, which has a private terrace and a huge glass wall to make the most of the fabulous views.

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