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What is a Carmen?

What is a Carmen?

Carmen - urban housing typology of GranadaA Carmen is a typical urban housing typology of the city of Granada (Spain), with a green space annex, garden and orchard at a time, which is an extension of that, according to the classical definition of Seco de Lucena. El Carmen is an enclosed space outside, surrounded by fences of a certain height, usually bleached, with lush vegetation. It is typical of the neighborhoods settled in the hills of the city, and Realejo Albaicin, and therefore its ground paratas usually staggered terms. Not only garden or orchard and just generally not luxury estate, but small little farm unit.

However, the current typology of "Carmen Granada" essentially forged in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, with a strongly romantic. Most of the remaining cármenes today belong to this time, in this version, as some of them were built on other earlier buildings. Often, architectural or landscape acquired entity much larger than was traditional in cármenes. This is the case of Carmen de la Victoria and the Spires, in the valley of the river Darro, or the Carmen of the Martyrs, the Catalans and the Rodríguez Acosta, all located on the hill of Mauror. The latter is much later, since the beginning of the twentieth century, and was built under the parameters of modernism and art deco.

Entrance from Almanzora Alta street

Main house

Alberca (water deposit)