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Granada map |  Geography and neighbourhoods

Granada is located in the South of Spain at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains and overlooks the plains, and yet only 70 km from the coast. It is at the confluence of three rivers, the Genil and Darro and at an altitude of about 730 metres above sea level.

The city itself is characterised by three hills separated by the Darro Valley - one taken up by the medieval Albaicín quarter with the Sacromonte behind it on the Valparaíso Hill; and the other crowned by Granada's best known landmark - the Alhambra.

Below the Alhambra to the south-east is the Realejo-San Matias neighbourhood, once the Jewish quarter of the city. One part, like the Albaicín, has sections of steep, laberynthine streets, with whitewashed houses and, unique to the city of Granada, Carmenes - houses with gardens and orchards. Carmen de los Martires is open to the public and enjoys lovely views over the plains, the city and Sierra Nevada (Paseo de los Martires s/n).

The Albaicín and Realejo neighbourhoods meet at Plaza Nueva. It is a large, pleasant, square covering part of the Darro in the heart of old Granada and the starting point up to the Alhambra by foot.

The Centro is south of Plaza Nueva and is where you'll find the Cathedral, the main shopping district with the quaint Alcaicería, and the Plaza Bib-Rambla. 

Our apartments are all located in the historic centre of the city. Click here for a full list of our Granada apartments.

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