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Seville | Feria Market

A visit to the Feria Market in Seville!

Calle Feria is one of the best known streets in Seville. It runs from north to south and is the official boundary between the neighbourhoods of Macarena and San Vicente. It’s named for the market/fair (El Jueves) that was instituted here way back in the 13th century, and which is still held every Thursday, making it the longest continuously functioning market in Europe. About halfway along – and not far from Veoapartment HQ – you can also find the Feria provisions market, the oldest and smallest in the city, with the Omnium Sanctorum church on one side, and the Algaba Palace (now the home of the Mudejar centre) behind. Like the neighbourhoods around it, it’s a bustling, friendly, down-to-earth sort of place, frequented by real, local people.

In our short video we visit the market with Toñi, who lives nearby, and listen in as she talks to the owners of some of the stalls, buys some provisions and has a bite to eat at the market bar, La Cocinera Feliz. If you look closely you’ll also see some of the Veo team!

Seville | Veoapartment Christmas video 2013

In future projects we will be working with Cecilia Villanueva to give a face and voice to our videos. For starters, we have just done a Christmas themed video in the Avenida de la Constitución in Seville, between the city hall and the Cathedral. The voice was recorded in the street, with the tram, police cars, and bicycles passing, and packed with people. Great job Cecilia!

You can also see Cecilia in the preview of the movie La Isla Mínima with Sevilliano director Alberto Rodriguez.

The Making Of The Granada Videos

Here are some photos from our recent trip to Granada to photograph and film apartments, the city and its monuments, and tapas bars. The photo above shows the setting where we shot the introduction for the two videos of Alhambra. The builders were just amazing with us: they kindly let us in and stopped working for nearly half an hour so we could have the best possible sound conditions for the videos. A BIG thank you to all.

[click on images to enlarge]

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Gabrielle for her wonderful work as a presenter of veoapartment.com. It is an honour to be both her workmate and also good friends.

– Joao Garrett

Granada Tapas Video Shoot

This week Gabriella and Joao have been in Granada doing serious tapas research for our new Granada Tapas Video, which should be available on the veoapartment YouTube channel next week. As you can see, this is very strenuous and exacting work and, well, don’t you wish you were them? Stay tuned…