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Seville | Van Moustache

Van Moustache are Rafa Torres and Paul Laborda, a Sevillano duo inspired by the music of Django Reinhardt, a French gypsy widely regarded as one of the all time great jazz swing guitarists. Having lost the use of the third and fourth fingers of his left hand in a fire at the age of 18, he developed a unique style of playing. He was active throughout the 1920s and 30s, mostly as a member of the Quintette du Hot Club de France with jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli (claim to fame moment: I once met Mr Grappelli at a music festival in Canada many many years ago).

Here you can see Van Moustache playing live at the veoapartment Christmas shindig at La Taberna de Pasos Largos in calle Feria. It was a fantastic night.

Cordoba | Day Trip from Seville

After Seville and Granada, Cordoba is probably the most famous of the romantic Andalucian cities of southern Spain. More than a thousand years ago it was the capital of the caliphate of Spain and one of the most important cultural centres in Europe, with a complex heritage of art and learning derived from the Moors, Jews and Christians, who lived here with a degree of religious tolerance remarkable for its time. You can still see this heritage in Cordoba today.

At this time of year especially, many of the city’s patios and alleys are filled with a myriad of flowers in brightly coloured pots. No visit to Cordoba would be complete without a visit to the symbol of the city, the Mezquita (the Grand Mosque, which is now a cathedral), with its vistas of horseshoe arches that entrance the eye, and an atmosphere of tranquillity despite the number of visitors. Also nearby are the Alcázar of the Christian kings and the Roman bridge across the river, which is still in use.

Between the cathedral and the remaining stretch of the western wall is the old Jewish quarter, a neighbourhood of narrow winding streets and courtyards full of mementoes of the Jewish presence here. You can visit the old synagogue, the Sephardi house and the zoco, or market, where you can find some of the traditional artesan shops selling the silver jewellery and leather goods for which Cordoba is famous.

Take time out to enjoy some of the traditional food, too. Cordoba is the home of salmorejo, the thick tomato soup often served with a garnish of jamon, of the flamenquin (rolled pork and cheese fried in a coating of breadcrumbs), and of fried eggplant with a sweet cane syrup sauce.

You can take a day trip from Seville to Cordoba by bus, with an Andalsur tour guide to take you to the Mezquita, and through the historic centre of Córdoba. Included: transfer by bus, entrance tickets and tour guide. Day trips from Seville are available every day and you can book a Cordoba city tour together with your Seville veoapartment.

Seville | Feria Market

A visit to the Feria Market in Seville!

Calle Feria is one of the best known streets in Seville. It runs from north to south and is the official boundary between the neighbourhoods of Macarena and San Vicente. It’s named for the market/fair (El Jueves) that was instituted here way back in the 13th century, and which is still held every Thursday, making it the longest continuously functioning market in Europe. About halfway along – and not far from Veoapartment HQ – you can also find the Feria provisions market, the oldest and smallest in the city, with the Omnium Sanctorum church on one side, and the Algaba Palace (now the home of the Mudejar centre) behind. Like the neighbourhoods around it, it’s a bustling, friendly, down-to-earth sort of place, frequented by real, local people.

In our short video we visit the market with Toñi, who lives nearby, and listen in as she talks to the owners of some of the stalls, buys some provisions and has a bite to eat at the market bar, La Cocinera Feliz. If you look closely you’ll also see some of the Veo team!

Apartsur – Asociación de Viviendas de Uso Turístico de Andalucía

Información para propietarios en ANDALUCÍA, ESPAÑA:

Apartsur es la asociación de los propietarios de Viviendas de Uso Turístico (anteriormente denominadas “vtv”). La asociación fue creada en el 2013, con motivo del cambio de la Ley 13/2011 de Turismo de Andalucía. Veoapartment es socio de Apartsur, por ser agencia de alquileres turísticos en esta comunidad autónoma. Recomendamos hacerse socio a todos los propietarios de viviendas de uso turístico en Andalucía.

En el vídeo podéis ver tres socios hablando de los temas que nos preocupan: La omisión de las viviendas de uso turístico en la nueva ley, y la resultante situación de alegalidad en la cual se encuentran sus propietarios.

Para más información, y para solicitar el alta como socio, entrar en

Seville | Veoapartment Christmas video 2013

In future projects we will be working with Cecilia Villanueva to give a face and voice to our videos. For starters, we have just done a Christmas themed video in the Avenida de la Constitución in Seville, between the city hall and the Cathedral. The voice was recorded in the street, with the tram, police cars, and bicycles passing, and packed with people. Great job Cecilia!

You can also see Cecilia in the preview of the movie La Isla Mínima with Sevilliano director Alberto Rodriguez.