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Seville | Long Term Apartment Rentals

The short term/holiday rental apartment market is naturally geared to couples, families or groups of friends who are staying in the same place for a few days to a week, and who prefer the comfort, convenience and freedom of an apartment compared to a hotel room, so there’s no shortage of good quality apartments available in a wide range of sizes and prices to cater for most budgets.

But what do you do if you are away on business or a temporary job or assignment that means you need to stay in the same place for a longer period, or if you’re a traveller who wants to take the time to really get to know more about the life and culture of a city in a way that you can’t in just a few days? Typical rates for hotels or short term rentals are likely to work out seriously expensive if you’re staying for a month or three, but fortunately there is a solution.

san luis long term rentalSeville Long Term Apartment San Luis

If you know where to look there are longer-term rentals available at reduced rates, usually by the month. Veoapartment now has a number of apartments in Seville available at reduced monthly rentals. Tailor-made for this market, these are studio and 1-bedroom apartments for up to 2 people that come with everything you need to do all your own cooking and laundry, as well as having TV and internet access. We can also arrange a cleaning service for you.

 So if you’re looking for somewhere comfortable and affordable to stay for a month or more, get in touch. We’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

Rooms With A View

Imagine waking up of a morning, looking out of your window, and seeing views like these! All of them are views from veoapartments in the historic and beautiful city of Seville in Southern Spain


Cathedral – There are lots of apartments that give you a glimpse of the 15th century cathedral and Giralda tower, but from the Cathedral Terrace apartment you get the whole thing.
Indian Archive – This is a fine view across Constitución to the Archivos and the little garden in front of them from the Constitución 5 apartment. The Archivos were originally built during the 16th century as the trading centre for the merchandise brought back from the New World, before being converted to their present use.
Metropol Parasol – A fascinating view of the newest addition to Seville’s city centre, the world’s largest wooden building, as seen from the Laraña Terrace apartments.


Iglesia del Salvador – The El Salvador church as seen across the square from Salvador Terrace apartment. It was built on the site of the original Grand Mosque, and elements preserved from that time can still be seen in the church courtyard.
Alcázar Gardens – It’s only a glimpse, with one of the towers of the 12th century fortifications, but the rest of the view from the Murillo Terrace apartment is pretty good too, taking in the Plaza Santa Cruz in the heart of the old Jewish quarter.
Maestranza Bullring – This is the view across the river from the Betis Blue apartments of the Arenal waterfront, including the famous bullring, one of the oldest and best preserved in Spain.






Iglesia San Luis – An unusual up close and personal look at the towers and dome of San Luis church from the San Luis Terrace apartment in the famous Macarena neighbourhood of Seville.
Fine Arts Museum – A view across the street from the Museo 5 apartment to one of Spain’s most important art museums, housed in the impressive Convent de la Merced.
Isabela bridge – Seville’s iconic Triana bridge, with some of the expo ’92 pavilions in the background, again from the Betis Blue apartments in the old sailors’ and gypsy quarter of Triana.