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The short term/holiday rental apartment market is naturally geared to couples, families or groups of friends who are staying in the same place for a few days to a week, and who prefer the comfort, convenience and freedom of an apartment compared to a hotel room, so there’s no shortage of good quality apartments available in a wide range of sizes and prices to cater for most budgets.

But what do you do if you are away on business or a temporary job or assignment that means you need to stay in the same place for a longer period, or if you’re a traveller who wants to take the time to really get to know more about the life and culture of a city in a way that you can’t in just a few days? Typical rates for hotels or short term rentals are likely to work out seriously expensive if you’re staying for a month or three, but fortunately there is a solution.

san luis long term rentalSeville Long Term Apartment San Luis

If you know where to look there are longer-term rentals available at reduced rates, usually by the month. Veoapartment now has a number of apartments in Seville available at reduced monthly rentals. Tailor-made for this market, these are studio and 1-bedroom apartments for up to 2 people that come with everything you need to do all your own cooking and laundry, as well as having TV and internet access. We can also arrange a cleaning service for you.

 So if you’re looking for somewhere comfortable and affordable to stay for a month or more, get in touch. We’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

2 thoughts on “Seville | Long Term Apartment Rentals

  1. Julian Pierre

    We are a professional couple looking for an apartment in Seville centre. For a minimum of 3 months and possibly up to a year. A studio or 1 bedroom will be adequate. We are available to move in immediately. We will be teaching English as a second language and our work will be concentrated around the city centre. We would like a bright flat preferably in a quiet street. Our budget is €500 per month.


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