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Michael Jackson's Swarovski crystal-studded Rolls Royce

Michael Jackson’s Swarovski crystal-studded Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

As well as its beaches, monuments, historic old centre, parks and gardens and great places to eat, the city of Malaga has one of the largest and most varied selections of museums in Spain, outside of Madrid and Barcelona. Here you can find not only the expected, such as the Picasso museum (he was born in Malaga), the Carmen Thyssen Art museum, and museums celebrating local history, but also the unexpected, such as the interactive music museum or the Crystal and Glass museum. One of our favourites, which you can find a little way outside the city centre to the southwest, is the Malaga Automobile Museum, regarded as one of the best of its kind anywhere in the world.

It’s housed in what was once Malaga’s tobacco factory, built in the 1920s in a style that makes a perfect backdrop for the collection of shiny vehicular machinery within, which spans the entire period from vintage cars of the late 19th century “Belle Epoque”, the earliest still looking like aristocratic carriages and coaches with the horses removed, right up to the present, and beyond, with the concept cars of the future. For the enthusiast and the more casual visitor alike the names of the famous classic marques roll off the tongue. Bugatti, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Jaguar, Hispano Suiza and many more. And you will also recognise the names of some famous car owners, such as John Lennon and Michael Jackson.

John Lennon's psychedelic Phantom-V Rolls Royce

John Lennon’s psychedelic Phantom-V Rolls Royce

If you’re not an auto enthusiast, there are exhibits for you too. The collection of high fashion hats of the 1920s is fascinating, as is the gallery of themed artworks, and if you’re in Malaga this weekend be sure to catch the special exhibition, the Jazz Years, featuring the cars, clothes and accessories of the 20s and 30s, on Saturday. Definitely a great place to spend an hour or three.

For information on the location, price and opening hours of this and other museums have a look at our Malaga museums page.

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