Holiday Houses in Seville and Granada

We’ve talked before about the advantages of renting an apartment for your holiday, but now we’re going to up the ante. How about renting an enitre house? This is for sure the ultimate in enjoying a home away from home in your own space, with all the freedom, independence and privacy that you could wish for. Veoapartment now has four complete houses for rent, two each in Seville and Granada, all in prime locations, and luxuriously furnished with all mod cons.

Alhambra Terrace

As you might guess from the name, Alhambra Terrace has a stunning view of the Moorish fortress from the lower Albaicín, as well as being within easy reach of the town centre and all the important sights. Nearby Casa Valenzuela is a thoughtfully renovated traditional family house, and the perfect base for seeing the city.

Casa Valenzuela

Campanario Terrace in Seville has an unique location alongside the 12th century belltower of El Salvador church, and from the back of the house you can see the church itself and also look down into the picturesque inner courtyard.

Campanario Terrace

But the star of the show is undoubtedly Catedral Terrace, a fully renovated four bedroom townhouse with three (count them!) terraces, a traditional cierro window (a big glassed in balcony) in the living room, and an unrivalled view of the Giralda tower. Sure to be anyone’s idea of a dream holiday home.

Catedral Terrace

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