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Parking in Seville

If you are traveling to Seville by car, bear in mind the historic centre is made up of complex one way roads leading into narrow alleyways (even outside the old Santa Cruz quarter). Part of the fascination of Seville is staying inside the "casco antiguo". Here you get the real atmosphere of the city, but many visitors don't realise just how difficult driving in the centre is, and free parking in the street is extremely difficult, unless you're lucky.


However, a car in Seville is possible if you choose your apartment carefully, with private parking garage. That is ideal. See our apartments with parking. If this option is not available, there are public car parks with easy driving access, just off the narrow alleyways, and a short walking distance from our apartments.


If you pick a parking near your accommodation, often, the best option is driving straight to the car park when you arrive, and straight out again when you leave. If you need to unload your luggage in the apartment before parking, be warned, and make sure to map out your route to avoid an unpleasant and stressful arrival. 


Reduced parking rates

Once you have your apartment booked, you can also book the parking online in advance. Note the following websites offer reduced parking rates, which can become a great opportunity to save money during your holiday. When booking the parking, enter the apartment address and select the one that suits you best by distance and price.