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Seville | Airport to Apartment Transfer Service

San Pablo (SVQ) is Seville’s principal airport and the second largest in Andalusia, after Malaga. It is located 10 km northeast of Seville, the capital city of Andalusia, alongside the A4 motorway, which connects Seville with Madrid.

seville airport to apartment transferSeville does not have a direct train or metro network servicing the airport, so there are only three options for travelling between the city and the airport:

1. Airport bus
2. Taxi
3. Private transfer

In this post, we will give an overview of the latter.

The airport to city transfer service costs 30 euros for a group of up to 4 people, and can be booked through veoapartment.

The photos shown in this post are screenshots of our airport transfer video, which shows the process from arrival, loading the luggage into the car, driving to the apartment, and payment by credit card.

An English speaking driver with a name card will wait for you in the arrivals hall on the ground floor of the airport terminal. He will help you carry your luggage to the car and drive you directly to the apartment. On the way, he will call the apartment manager, so you won’t have to wait outside the apartment when you arrive. The drivers all have an excellent knowledge of Seville, and during the drive will give you a short introduction to the city and point out any monuments you pass on the way.

The entire transfer service has a fixed price of 30 Euros, all inclusive. As our apartment guests include many families with children an important safety feature, compared to taxis, is the availability of baby seats, which are provided with no extra charge. There are also no waiting charges for delayed flights.

A private airport to city transfer is, in our opinion, the most convenient, and hassle-free means of transportation from the airport to the apartment.

Our private transfer service is available to and from Seville airport, the train station, and other local destinations. Private transfers to other cities are possible, as well. Please request by email.

Seville | Affordable Garage Parking

Many guests at our Seville apartments stay there as part of a longer trip by car through Andalusia or other regions of Spain. For these travellers, a convenient and affordable parking space close to their apartment is of vital importance. We know that for many this is almost as important in deciding where to stay as the apartment’s design and location.

Here’s a brief overview of parking options when you stay at one of our Seville apartments:

1. Apartments with a private parking space

Some of our apartments have a private parking space either in the building, or nearby. In the photo you can see a typical example, the Plaza Santa Cruz A apartment, which is located in the famous parking-garage-santa-cruzSanta Cruz neighbourhood, in the very centre of Seville, which has a parking garage under the building.

Other apartments with private parking include Ibarra Terrace, also in the Santa Cruz and featuring a rooftop swimming pool, the Hernandez apartment in El Centro, and also the Font Terrace and San Lorenzo Penthouse apartments which are in the San Vicente neighbourhood. All of these not only have parking available, but the apartments are decorated and equipped to the highest standard to ensure you enjoy your time in Seville.

2. Public parking for 10 Euros per day

Veoapartment has an agreement with 3 public parking garages in Seville for a budget parking rate of only 10 Euros per day.
parking-mercado-trianaThe car parks are all on or near the ring road around the historic centre of Seville. All our apartments are within a 15-minute walk of one of them, though most  are closer.

The photo shows the “Mercado de Triana” car park, at the end of the Triana bridge, on the corner of calle Betis and the Plaza del Altozano. It is next to the Triana food market, which gives it its name.

It is necessary to register as a user of the car park to receive the reduced rate, but registering has the advantage that you receive a permanent user card, which allows you to leave and re-enter the car park as often as you want.

Keep in mind that the parking space has to be reserved with us in advance.

Malaga | Welcome to Veoapartment in Málaga

This week our new Málaga page goes live on our website, and it gives us great pleasure to be able to offer a selection of high quality holiday rental apartments in another of Andalucía’s beautiful and historic cities alongside Seville and Granada.

malaga view from gibralfaro

Málaga is the principal city of the Costa del Sol, one of the first parts of Spain to become popular with tourists from the north of Europe looking for sun, sea and sand, and though it still has all of these, and a buzzy cosmopolitan feel besides, there’s a lot more to the Málaga experience these days.

For those with a taste for history, there’s plenty in Málaga. The city was founded around 770 BC by the Phoenicians (a piece of their city wall can be seen in the basement of the Picasso Museum), passed to the Romans (the Roman theatre was rediscovered by accident in 1951), and later to the Moors, who were here from 711 to 1487, and have understandably left a considerable mark on the old city, notably the Alcazaba palace-fortress and the Gibralfaro castle on the hill above. To the Christian period belong the Cathedral, the Bullring, the harbour, and much of the general appearance of the old city, with an important period of civic development in the late 19th and early 20th century that included the main shopping street (Calle Larios), Parque Málaga, and parts of the harbour.

Although the western part of the city and a small area on the east side of the harbour have some high rise blocks developed during the first tourism boom of the sixties and seventies, Málaga is an amazingly pretty city, surrounded by mountains that come down to the sea, seafront promenades with avenues of palm trees, beautiful gardens, grand squares, and picturesque narrow streets.

malaga port

For a view of the whole city take a bus up to the Gibralfaro and have a drink on the terrace of the Parador Hotel. For culture, go to the Picasso Museum (Picasso was born in Málaga), the Carmen-Thyssen Museum and the Contemporary Arts Centre. For shopping go to Calle Larios, Atarazanas Food Market, or the new Muelle Uno development on the harbour. Take a walk along the seafront to the fishing village of Pedregalejo. Eat at some of our recommended restaurants and tapas bars.

And, of course, stay in one of our well equipped and perfectly located holiday apartments.

Seville | Things to do When it Rains

Although Seville enjoys around 300 days of sunshine a year, from time to time, particularly in winter – for example, like this week – you can get relatively long spells of wet weather. But it would be a shame to let that spoil your holiday, so we’ve come up with a list of suggestions for things to do for those rare occasions when the sun isn’t shining.

rainy plazaPlaza de la Alfalfa

Go to the cinema
The Avenida 5 Cines complex in Calle Marques de Paradas shows current movies in original versions. Curl up with your favourite stars and never mind the weather. Check the programme here (it changes every Friday).

The Museum of Fine Arts
One of Spain’s most important art museums with works by all the Spanish old masters including local boys made good Velazquez and Murillo. It’s in a lovely old building that was once the convent of the Order of Merced Calzada de la Asunción. Well worth taking a couple of hours.

The Cathedral
The Cathedral is on your list anyway, and you don’t want to waste good sunshine time indoors, so visit it now. It’s the biggest Gothic cathedral, and third largest church, in the world, but it isn’t just big, it’s actually rather interesting, with the tomb of Christopher Columbus, lots of gold, and a stuffed crocodile.

eating in the rainGo Shopping
Another of those activities that normally keeps you indoors when you’d rather be outdoors. Take advantage of the fact that everyone else is still at home to shop in peace. You don’t even have to buy anything unless you really want to.

Tapas Bars
Find a nice cosy tapas bars and order up a round (or two) of food and drinks. Sit where you can watch the poor unfortunates outside hurrying past with their umbrellas, and feel suitably smug because you’re on holiday. Or put your own umbrella to good use like this fellow and defy the elements.

The Antiquarium and Encarnación Market
Going topside may not be so great in the rain (though there are some nice bars up there), but going down under the “mushrooms” in the Plaza de la Encarnación takes you to the Roman ruins and museum. Marvel at the mosaics, columns, walls and wells while listening to the rain on the roof. If you’re there in the morning you can also take a stroll through the Encarnación market on the main level. This will work up your appetite ready for lunch.

Stay at Home
It may be the last resort, but you’re staying in a warm, comfy veoapartment, and there’s something primevally satisfying about being indoors and listening to the rain outside. So grab a book and a glass of wine, turn on the telly and settle down for an hour or two. The sun will be out soon enough.

Seville | Long Term Apartment Rentals

The short term/holiday rental apartment market is naturally geared to couples, families or groups of friends who are staying in the same place for a few days to a week, and who prefer the comfort, convenience and freedom of an apartment compared to a hotel room, so there’s no shortage of good quality apartments available in a wide range of sizes and prices to cater for most budgets.

But what do you do if you are away on business or a temporary job or assignment that means you need to stay in the same place for a longer period, or if you’re a traveller who wants to take the time to really get to know more about the life and culture of a city in a way that you can’t in just a few days? Typical rates for hotels or short term rentals are likely to work out seriously expensive if you’re staying for a month or three, but fortunately there is a solution.

san luis long term rentalSeville Long Term Apartment San Luis

If you know where to look there are longer-term rentals available at reduced rates, usually by the month. Veoapartment now has a number of apartments in Seville available at reduced monthly rentals. Tailor-made for this market, these are studio and 1-bedroom apartments for up to 2 people that come with everything you need to do all your own cooking and laundry, as well as having TV and internet access. We can also arrange a cleaning service for you.

 So if you’re looking for somewhere comfortable and affordable to stay for a month or more, get in touch. We’ll help you find what you’re looking for.